Mrs. Silvia Farigu


F.O. IN Belgium

Last Saturday 28th January, Ms Farigu and Mr Oriolani were invited for a class in Tervuren (Belgium). This event was organizated by Ms. Barbara Siraut (V Degree and president of ITF Belgium) and Mr. Jean Paul Goossens.
Over 60 students attended the course.

Students with different categories and ages trained all together and the good atmosphere did that the five hours class passed quickly.

Ms Silvia Farigu and Mr. Oriolani explained different exercises about basic techniques,  fundamental movements, patterns, sparring and self defence.
Some ideas like distance, choose the proper angle and power were emphasized during the class.
Class finished with thanks by Ms. Farigu and Mr. Oriolani to Ms. Siraut and all ITF Belgium for their warm hospitality and friendships.

At night ITF Belgium organized the annual awards ceremony to the best students of the year 2011. An excelent dinner with 75 parents and students was organized and Ms. Farigu and Mr. Oriolani had the pleasure to award belgian students and they shared with them a special moment.

Mrs. Christian Oriolani