Mrs. Silvia Farigu


Mediterranean Open 2012

Sunday the 5th of February took place the 5∞ edition of the International Mediterranean Open.
Four rings in which compited athletes representing Belgium, England, Galles, Russia, Philippines, Spain and of course Italy.
The event was broadcasted live in

internet and many people from all over the world could watch the event and comment it on real time.
The competition started with black belts; They were present lot of international and national champions.
In individual pattern, gold medal was for Mr. Arsol (Philippines), Mr. Oriolani (Spain), Ms. Burridge (England), Ms. Cese (Italy), Mr. Onano (Italy) among the others.
Sparring categories, done with electronic system, showed a very good level with gold medal for Mr. Telyatnikov (Russia), Mr. Oriolani (Spain), Mr. Tolu (Italy), Mr. Arron (England), Ms. Locci (Italy), Ms. Santagati (Italy) among the others.

The event was organized by Ms. Silvia Farigu with the support of Mr. Efisio Tolu (Italian Taekwon-Do Association President) and counted with the presence of Master Martella, Mr.Perez and Master Lecca. Also the ITF Secretary general, Master Nicholls, visited the stadium.

When individual competition finished, started the team competition.
9 teams for pattern compited with Gold and Silver medal for Spain teams.
Also team sparring was won by Spain team. Second and third place were for UK and Italy.

Fisrt place in Junior sparring team was for Uk that won in the last fight against Italy.
The event finished with award ceremony to the teams and overall champions.
Junior Overall were Mr. Federico Puddu (Italy) and Mr Sam Richards (England). Adult overall was Mr. Christian Oriolani (Spain).
Also each delegations and judges were awarded. Ms. Farigu close the event with a special thanks to all the people that attended and working during the competition.

All the results and official pictures on

Mrs. Christian Oriolani