Mrs. Silvia Farigu


Cagliari 24-26 June

Ms. Silvia Farigu with Italian Taekwon-Do Association support, organized 3 days Taekwon-Do events in Cagliari, Sardinia.
Special guests of the weekend were Mr. Chrsitian Oriolani with his students and Master Martella.
Friday evening Ms. Farigu went to

Villasimius beach with her students and all team from Spain. All the group enjoyed a warm evening in the wonderfull beach of Sardinia making pictures with dobok.
On saturday afternoon, Mr. Oriolani and Ms. Farigu examined 20 students from Tkd Sardegna school with the assistence of Mariano Zerda (Spain), Niccolò Tolu and Mauro Pisu.
When exam finished Mr. Oriolani started a 2 hours self defence class. Students practised different basic exercises.

On sunday morning started degree tests with Master Martella, Mr. Oriolani and Ms. Farigu.
Davide Vincis, Davide Cadelano, Emanuele Pusceddu and Nicola Lorè tested for I dan; Federico Mascia (Junior World champion Korea 2010) tested for II dan and Mr. Vincenzo Santagati tested for IV dan.
In the evening was organized an exibition from Ms. Farigu students and 2 special match between Mr. Nicolas Duran (Spain) and Federico Mascia (Italy), also with Vincenzo Santagati (Italy) and Mariano Zerda (Spain).
Mascia and Santagati won their match with a very good show in both sparring match.

It was a very nice weekend were students, instructors and parents enjoyed all the moments together.

Ms. Farigu: “I would like to thanks Traditional Taekwon-Do Line school and Master Martella for coming. All my students, their parents and all the people that helped me to organize this nice event.”

Mrs. Christian Oriolani