Mrs. Silvia Farigu


Catalunya Open 2011

Sunday, 22th May, Mr. Oriolani e Miss Farigu travelled to Barcellona to attend the Catalunya Open 2011, organized by Mr. Molina and Mr. Oyarzo, under the guidance of ITF Spain.
Miss Farigu was the only competitor from Italy, while Mr. Oriolani assisted with a big

group from TTL Zaragoza, Huesca, Teruel and Valencia..
Oriolani's students made a very good job and TTL won the 2nd place as overall school of the championships.
Competitions started with junior and adult color belts. Mr. Oriolani and Miss Farigu worked as jury president untill black belts competitions.
Miss Farigu was the first one to compete in a 58kg category with competitors from Spain and Argentina. After two match, Miss Farigu won the gold medal.
Mr. Oriolani competed in a very good level category, under 70kg. After three match, Mr. Oriolani made a spectacular final with a competitor from Argentina, and won his category with a clear results after the extra round.
We would like to thanks the organizing committee for their hospitality and all the people that worked during this events.
Next week Mr. Oriolani will travel to Holand for another international experience organized by Team Kool.

Mrs. Christian Oriolani