Mrs. Silvia Farigu


Znojmo Open 2011

On thursday, 9th June, Ms. Farigu travelled to Czech Republic to assist to Znojmo Open.
The competion was organized by Mr. Frank Macek, Czech Republic Association President and had as special guest the ITF secretary Master Trevor Nicholls.
On friday

morningshe went to visit the charateristic town of Znojmo with some practising of female national czech team.
In the afternoon, after Master Nicholls arrived, a degree test session started in the same venue of championships.
On saturday morning competition started. Competitors from Czech, Croatia, Austria, Hungary and Slovakia assisted to the event to compete in individual and team patterns, sparring and self defence. Ms. Farigu was the only competitor from Italy and also helped as umpire.
In adult female pattern Ms. Farigu won against a competitor from Czech Repubblic, then with a competitor from Croatia.
After a break for lunch competitions continue with self defence and sparring.
During first match Mr. Farigu fought with a competitor from Croacia, then second match was against Czech Republic with a clear victory of italian competitor.
Competition ended with a big award ceremony were Ms Farigu was awarded as best adult female competitor.

It was a very nice experience, with a big hospitality of all Czech team.
Ms. Farigu “ I would like to thanks Mr. Macek and all Czech Team for their hospitality and also make them my best congratulations for the sucessfull event. I had a really warm welcome and I enjoyed this weekend with lot of Taekwon-Do friends.”

Mrs. Christian Oriolani