Mrs. Silvia Farigu


Master Galarraga Seminar & Sardega vs Aragon

Taekwon-Do Sardegna School organized, with ITA (Italian Taekwon-Do Association) support, black belt test and 2 days seminar and Master Class with Master Nestor Galarraga VIII dan (Argentina), Chairman of tournament comittee.

On friday, December 3rd, Master Galarraga arrived in Cagliari and conducted black belt exams to 7 students. He was assisted by Ms Farigu IV dan (Italy) and Mr

Oriolani V dan (Spain). Also were present Mr Efisio Tolu, ITA president, and Master Antonio Troiano VIII.
More than 3 hs test where Master Galarraga observed and appreciated all candidates'' work.
After test finished, Master Galarraga expresses his considerations and test results :
Were promoted to I degree: Mr. Marziale Mascia, Mr. Francesco Mulas and Mr. Alessio  Congiu.
Ms. Camilla Zangaris was promoted to III degree.
Mr. Dino Denei and Mr. Maurizio Troiano were promoted to VI degree.

Taekwon-Do Sardegna would give its Congratulations to everybody for their performance and promotion.

On saturday morning, December 4th, started the first part of seminar in Settimo San Pietro stadium. Took part to the event people from Sardegna, Puglia, Campania, Calabria. Also was present a delegation from ITF Spain, with Mr. Christian Oriolani and his students.
After a warm up, all students started to train with target equipment. The basic subject of seminar was the teaching methodology.
In spit of  climate didnt help, all students practised all the morning with seriuosness and concentration.
After lunch break, seminar continued with some self defence exercises. Master Galarraga shown different kind of tecniques.
Second part of afternoon training, was a Master class opened to all children. More than 90 persons were present and trained under the guide of Master Galarraga.
Master class made one''s way towards all children but also was very important for all the instructors and assistant instructor to see how teach to children and to understand all the subjects explicated during the morning.
When training finished all children students went near Master Galarraga for a picture and an autograph.

On sunday morning, December 5th, seminar continued with the performance of all kups pattern, speaking about tecniques and all news observed during lasts International Instructor Course.
After lunch, started a Master Class to all adults colour belts, with the presence of all instructors and assistant instructors.
Master Galarraga continued speaking about teaching methodology and the class ended after 2 hs, with some self defence exercises.

Taekwon-Do Sardegna School, would thank Master Galarraga to accept our invitations, for coming and give us a big opportunity to learn. It''s a honour for us to host a special person with a big knowledge. Every moments near Master Galarraga give us the opportunity to learn and grow up in Taekwon-Do and in everyday life as students.

A special match between Aragon and Sardinia closed the special weekend.
The event was organized by Tkd Sardegna School (Ms. Farigu) and Traditional Tkd Line School (Mr. Oriolani).
When umpiree comittee was ready started team pattern competition.
Umpire comittee was composed by Mr. Dino Denei, Mr. Pito Dettori, Mr. Raimondo Mamusa, Mr. Matteo Sini, Ms. Esther Altabas and Mr. Stefano Onano.
Mandatory pattern was joongun. Team Sardinia first performed his pattern. Optional pattern was Gebaek for team Sardinia and Toigye for Team Aragon. Sardinia won cleary team pattern match.

Before team sparring match, all Tkd Sardinia students performed an exibition with fundamental exercises, 1-2-3 steps sparring, self defence, power and special tecniques.

Then started sparring match.
1∞ match: Mr. Santiago Edeso (Aragon) and Mr. Vincenzo Santagati (Sardinia).  Aragon 0 - 2 Sardinia
2∞ match: Mr. Giacomo Danese (Sardinia) and Mr. Blas Altaba (Aragon). Aragon 1 - 3 Sardinia
3∞ match: Mr. Christian Oriolani (Aragon) and Mr. Carlo Denei (Sardinia). Aragon 3 - 3 Sardinia
4∞ match: Mr. NiccolÚ Tolu (Sardinia) and Mr. Jose Martin (Aragon). Aragon 3 - 5 Sardinia
5∞ match: Mr. Mariano Zerda (Aragon) and Mr. Alessandro Carta (Sardinia). Aragon 5 - 5 Sardinia
6∞ match: Mr Fabio Piras (Sardinia) and Mr. Mariano Zerda (Aragon). Aragon 7- 5 Sardinia.
Aragon won team sparring match.

More important than competition results, the event was a true festival of Taekwon-Do ITF with lot of spectators, and also with the presence of Settimo San Pietro public authorities, Mr. Corrado Pani (Asi Cagliari president)  and Master like Master Galarraga, Master Troiano, Mr Martella.

We would like to thank all the people that took part in the event;
All Taekwon-Do Sardegna students for their help and attitude, especially Mr. Onano and Ms. Riccarda;
Settimo San Pietro town council that every time support our events;
Our official speaker Ms. Carlotta Franzini and our photograph Mr. Giampiero Melis to be always present.
All the umpires and competitors that took part to the special match;
ITA and his President Mr. Efisio Tolu;
TTL, Mr. Oriolani and his students;
Mr. Marziale Mascia for his promotion and his everyday work inside Tkd Sardegna School;
Again To Master Galarraga to allow to realize this amazing weekend.

This is the last event before Christmas Holiday, after that, new year will start with the organization of the 4th edition of International Mediterranean Open, in which already confirmed their presence teams from England, Belgium , Spain...

We wish to all Taekwon-Do practising a happy 2011 with peace, serenity and Taekwon-Do.

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Mrs. Christian Oriolani