Mrs. Silvia Farigu


Senior International Instructor Course, London 2009

Thursday 12th of June, Mr. Oriolani and Miss. Farigu travelled to London to assist to the Senior International Instructor course conducted by Grand Master Choi Jung Hwa. The event was organized by Master Trevor Nicholls, VIII Dan ITF secretary general and

of course was one of the most important course in 2009 with 84 instructors from IV degree and above (14 Master were present)
Assisted Instructors from 16 countries like: Canada, USA, Argentina, Australia, Malasya, England, Ireland, Norway, Wales, Spain, Netherland, Italy, Czech Republic, Belgium and Germany.
On friday started the class, Gran Master Choi opened the session, then Master Galarraga explained all the new changes. Then was practised Kwangae.
On saturday seminar started at 9,00 with I degree patterns, then after lunch were performed  patterns untill Yoo Sin with lot of questions from the instrucotrs.
In the evening Master Muleta from Australia, gave a speech to Grand Master Choi, to thanks him for his work, then Master Wheatley (USA) announced new promotions.
Master Galarraga, Chairman of tournament committee announced all next events and then Grand Master Choi made a special speech to thanks all the instructor that assisted, and expressed the good feeling that he felt among his instructors and said: “ A person can't choose his family, but you choose me, thanks”.
On sunday were performed all pattern untill Tongil. Every moments Master Choi was very happy to listen opinions and discuss with all the instructors in a very nice atmosphere.
We would like to thanks Master Nicholls and Mr. Skyrme for their hospitality.
It was a very nice experience with great historical Taekwon-Do practising, like Ms. Noemi Prone from Argentina.

Mrs. Christian Oriolani