Mrs. Silvia Farigu


III Open ITF Aragon championships

   On Tuesday March 17 began arriving delegations to participate in the Championship Aragon. The first was with the delegation of major competitors such as Argentina Gastón Hourcade, Mariano Gomez and Luis Omil Artea.

Lazio''s school, by the instructor on behalf of Luca Dimano, was the first to arrive. Next was TKD Sardegna, headed by the chairman of the ITA Tolu Efisio and Silvia Farigú. Alongside this school Denei. Santagatti Vincenzo School arrived the next day, completing a group of 30 competitors and over 60 people in total. On the remaining 20 came from schools, Belgium (by instructor Barbara Siraut), Ireland, England and Wales (by instructor Kevin Mc Cabe). Of course the rest of Spain.
This along with most competitors stayed at the Hotel Via Romana, Zaragoza at the lodge. Both places had excellent care.
As announced in bulletin board, we have the presence of the Master Trevors Nicholls, VIII Dan and secretary of the ITF, Master Nestor Galarraga VIII Dan, Master VII Dan Maidana José (Argentina) and Master Don Dalton VII Dan (Ireland).
The Friday the 20th was a day with a lot of work for the ITF Aragon (organization) as well as receive all the delegations, was the day of registration, weight control, armed stage, and so on.
18 pm on Friday with the teachers to the chairman of the ITF Spain Fernando Perez V Dan, made the European Meeting, where managers were selected for future international championships. There is talk, and discussed the TKD in Europe.


This began at 9.20 am on Saturday, March 21. It began with Danish categories (juvenile and adult form). Highlighting Women Farigu Silvia (IV Dan) and Daniela Goitre (II Dan). Christian Men And Oriolani (IV Dan), Gabriel Leske (II Dan) and Adrian Ramirez (I Dan) with rose gold.
In the mode of combat, we must say that the categories in men were very comprehensive and has a very good. In -71 kg, there were 4 fights to win the gold, and competed the last European champion (Leon Brydone, Ireland), SubEuropean Champion (Adrian Ramirez), 2 more, Christian Oriolani and  and Juan Perez SubEuropean Champion. And Gabriel Leske Silver Medal in W.C. 2007.
In women should note the performance of Melanie Evans who passed on the final competitor of Italy (Francesca Santagati) and Silvia Farigu who won Daniela Goitre with a swing to the face, leaving it without the possibility of continuing.
Youth in Black Belt, Italy won almost every podium, highlighting and Marco Simone Oliva mandatory.
Oriolani Christian (ITF Aragon president and organizer of the event) gave to Master Trevors Nicholls a board of gratitude and appreciation, as the Master was leaving for England.
Began about 14 pm Child gups categories, with 4 and sometimes 5 rines operating. Children 6 years and older show respect, work and ambition in the competition. Stressing Aresu Andrea (Ita), Pablo Vidal (Esp).
Arriving at 15.30 pm we could see the challenge from Spain Ireland.

Spain comprising:
Javier Seaone
Gabriel Leske
Gustavo Oyarzo
Leonardo Monreal
Armando Garcia
Adrian Ramirez

Ireland comprises:
Praig O''Connor
Shane Fitzgibbon
David O''Sullivan
Leon Brydone
Sean Keane

Spain could not by force of which Ireland won 4-1
VIII Dan Master Galarraga gave medals to the teams competition and their coach. Mariano Bechara (Esp) and Don Dalton (IRD)
He continued to finish the tournament in Gups categories (adults and juveniles) in highlighting Faci Daniel, Charles and Helen Sword Guallar.
In the stress of combat action and Kieran Taylor Sergio Roldan.

After these categories were given prizes remaining.
The Sabonim Oriolani handed to representatives of different countries a recognition plaque for his presence, support and work.
Acknowledgments to:
Master Nestor Galarraga, VIII Dan
Maestro José Maidana, VII Dan
Teacher Dalton, VII Dan
Tolu Efisio President (Italy)
Representative Kevin Mc It Wales
Representative of Belgium, Barbara Siraut, IV Dan
President of the ITF of Spain, Don Fernando Perez, VI Dan.

To close the night Master Nestor Galarraga delivered the 3 Cups instructor.
classifieds: 1 School of Instructor Christian Oriolani, ITF Aragon
                   2nd Clasificado School Instructor Maximiliano Montiel, FITE
                   3rd: School Instructor Silvia Farigu, TKD Sardegna, Italy

Oriolani Christian, I have to give to all who supported this tournament.

Sponsors: Gym Kanku-Day, Saragossa Inn Hotel Via Romana, Pedro Faci, geese Bar, Coffee Corner, and ASI Tagoya.
2) To all my students who supported me, especially Daniela, Santiago, Sergio, Victor, Ruben, Jose Antonio, Helen, Daniel, Blas, Aida Esther. A parent who resisted all hours to see their children compete and especially 2 in particular that helped me a lot, and Pilar Chema.

3) I thank all the delegations that came from other places such as Andalusia (Montiel), Baleares (Leske), Euskadi (Zerda), Canarias (Rodriguez), Madrid (Bechara and Veissiere), Barcelona (Molina and Perez), Valencia ( Oliver and Juan José). And in other countries such as Wales (McCcabe), Ireland (Dalton), Argentina (Galarraga and Maidana), Italy (Tolu, Luca, Vincenzo and Farigu), Belgium (Siraut), England (Nicholls).

4) acknowledge the presence of the Masters International. Master Nestor Galarraga (my master),Master Nicholls, Master Dalton, Master Maidana. It was a pleasure and an honor to have them all in this tournament.

5) I can not fail to appoint some people very dear to me at times argued that the wrong move. Néstor My Instructor, My coach Fabio.

6) I want to send a very strong hug to a family who are currently going through a difficult time, but I''m sure it will win this fight.
They were my pillars in Spain, those humble, hardworking and respectful. I always supported my efforts, supported me and gave me your love from the start. A big hug ..

"While many things we must correct the championship, we can say it was a great event, many competitors, many spectators, many delegations, and very good atmosphere and feeling among all.
We hope to see you again in the fourth edition of the ITF Championship ARAGON, next March 2010.

This championship was overseen by the ITF Spain.


Mrs. Christian Oriolani