Mrs. Silvia Farigu



FO. went to Catalunya Open that was held in Barcelona Last Sunday 12 of May 2013.
The organizations were Mr. Molina and Mr. Oyarzo. Master Ebel Barat (President of Argentina Federation) was present too. And

he came with a delegation for colours belts, all were Gaston Medina students.

After some months without compite, Mr. Oriolani participated in sparring under 76 kg. He won the category doing the final with Mr. Daniel Adamiak (spanish national team). After this competition, he fought one more time in a team challenge. Was a mix of Traditional TaeKwon-Do Line students and AMTT from Madrid. Christian won the mach vs Ramiro Cachafeiro and his team won the competition.

Mss Farigu travel for help in the organization. She is preparing to some competitions next months.

We must comments that Mr. Oriolani assisted with 16 competidors who won 22 medals (17 gold, 3 silver, 2 bronce).


Mrs. Christian Oriolani