Mrs. Silvia Farigu


S.F. in Greece

Thursday the 25th of April Miss Farigu travelled to Thesslonik with her student Alessia Locci to attend the GM Choi Seminar and the Open Championship.

The secretary of Hellenic association, Mr. Konstantinos, came to pick

up them and they drive to Preveza on the west coast.

On friday afternoon GM Choi seminar started. Students from Greece, Bulgaria, Sweden, Albania and Australia attended the class.

During the two days were performed all the patterns up to gebaek and the ITF President spoke about protocol, martial arts and differents anedoctes from his Father Gen. Choi. Also the explanations focused on the use of the mass and speed and the importance of practice and the repetition of each techniques.

On sunday it was organized a open competitions to celebrate the seminar and Ms. Farigu and Ms. Locci competed in the same category. The final in pattern category was between the italian competitors, after they won against competitors from Bulgaria and Greece.

In Sparring, Ms. Locci won with a Bulgarian competitors then lost with a Greek competitors that lost the final with Ms. Farigu.

We want to thanks all the greek organization, Master Agelos and his students for their warm welcome and their attention during all the weekend. It was another great experience with many Taekwon-Do friends.

Mrs. Christian Oriolani