Mrs. Silvia Farigu



Ms Silvia Farigu and Mr Christian Oriolani travelled to Australia for 3 special classes hosted by Master Muleta (7° degree, ITF Expansion and Scientific Research committee).
Ms. Farigu and Mr. Oriolani arrived to Australia on 13th January, and the first weekend Master Muleta organized a special tour that

included cities like Sydeny, Cairns, Gold Coast and aborigenal experiences, barrier reef

and typical activities.

The first classe was organized in Brisbane with the support of Mr. Chris Galibert.
Over 35 people trained for 5 hs in a very hot day. The morning was dedicated to patterns and techniques. They were practised Patterns up to Samil and many strenght exrecises for legs.
Colour belts also practised traditional sparring and Mr. Farigu and Mr. Oriolani spoke about rhythm.
The second part of the classes was dedicated to sparring exercises. Many international competitors were present, so the class was quite strong.
The most important points were presented were: distance, timing, contact, resistance, reflex and fight analysis.

The other two classes were organized in Melbourne. The first one had the special presence of Master Keating and Master Cliff and of course Master Muleta, that practised together with their
Over 45 people took part to the class that started with some questions about training and tkd life and experiences of Ms. Farigu and Mr. Oriolani.
This class was structured like the previous, with some changes. More patterns were practised and during the sparring part were showed different exercises also about lateral and backward
The third class took place in the Usma school of Mr. Cariotis, were 25 people came for 3hs classes with Ms Farigu and Mr. Oriolani.

A special thanks from Ms Farigu and Mr Oriolani to Master Muleta and all the australian people for their hospitality and to give us the opportunity to visit a very special country like Australia and share our passion with them.

Mrs. Christian Oriolani