Mrs. Silvia Farigu


Barcelona Open

Farigu Oriolani Team and TKD Sardegna traveled to Barcelona Open on March 7 of 2015.

Mr. Giacomo Danese, Mr. Oriolani, Ms. Farigu, Ms. Argiolas, Mr. Valerio Tocco and Mss. Chiara Loi compited in Individual Sparring, Traditional Sparring and Pattern.

The Results were:

Mr. Christian Oriolani: Gold Medal in Sparring -78kg. Silver in Traditional Sparring

Ms. Silvia Farigu: Gold Medal in Pattern 4-6 degree. Silver in Traditional Sparring and Silver in Open Category of Pattern

Mr. Giacomo Danese: Bronce Medal in Patern 4-6 Degree

Ms. Sara Argiolas: Bronce Medal in Traditional Sparring

Mss. Chiara Loi: Bronce in Sparring -50 kg

Mr. Valerio Tocco: Silver in Sparring -78 Kup


Mrs. Christian Oriolani